It’s time to take your life by the reins and transform into the best version of yourself. Don’t miss out on a fun-filled day filled with workshops, amazing speakers and awesome organizations to give your current skills a complete makeover.

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Skillsphere is a youth-led start-up that focuses on educating youth between 12 and 18 years old about real-world skills. We aim to prepare youth for adulthood by hosting events focused on building skills that are required for living autonomously in the world; skills that are often neglected in by the education system. Skillsphere aims to alleviate the disparity between the content taught in school and the skills required in the real world, such as knowing how voting works, how to open a bank account or how to change a tire. The ultimate goal is to bolster students' school experiences in terms of their preparedness for the future to ensure that they are capable of and prepared to handle life after school independently.

The Conference

REALization is a convention organized by youth, for youth. The event includes interactive workshops, guest speakers, and an innovative Youth Alley featuring leading youth-run organizations. Topics such as creating an eye-catching resume, will all be covered during the convention, preparing attendees for the real world after they have graduated and entered the workforce. Through REALization, Skillsphere aims to create a more educated community of young adults who have mastered both their academics and the essential skills that will allow them to succeed.

Youth Alley

Skillsphere’s excited to announce that a Youth Alley will be featured at the REALization conference. Youth Alley, a Skillsphere creation, makes networking easier and more accessible than ever. The Youth Alley will be located adjacent to the auditorium in a room filled with booths representing a wide variety of youth-run organizations, such as STEMFellowship and Toronto Youth Network. Representatives from each company will be available to talk about their company, offering suggestions on how the attendees can get involved.



Daniel Bielak Host of Youth Empowerment Podcast


Sunny Verma CEO of TutorBright


Maxwell Tran Founder of Ink Movement Canada


Melissa Sariffodeen Co-Founder at Ladies Learning Code


Adam Silverman Chief Marketing Officer at Spot Systems


Manu Goswami Co-Founder of Dunk Media


Doors Open

Opening Keynote

Skillsphere Team


Youth Empowerment

Daniel Bielak Host of Youth Empowerment Podcast

Political Literacy

Stories of Ours

Importance of Coding and How to get Started

Melissa Sariffodeen Co-Founder of Ladies Learning Code

Lunch and Networking

Youth Alley

Social Change

Maxwell Tran Founder of Ink Movement

Effective Marketing and Personal Branding

Adam Silverman CMO at Spot Systems

Employable Skills

Youth Employment Services


Sunny Verma CEO of Tutor Bright

99point9 - Scholarship Applications

Closing Remarks



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YWCA Toronto

87 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 0A8